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Our programs bridge the gap between youth skills training programs and actual hands on experience relevant to job and career opportunities. 


2014 Tournament of Roses

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Ideal Youth is a great program and I have learned a lot from it. What I liked most about Ideal Youth that they tell you what you need to know about becoming successful and then let you experience it. All the things that I have experienced this summer will and has helped me in being a successful young lady.”

Ashleigh B



Student Opportunities

We are committed to providing students with fun learning opportunities.

We seek to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through job readiness training,

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The Lives We Impact

"Ideal Youth has taught me many new skills and has shaped me into a more professional person. Although ideal youth wasn’t the easiest program to complete I dearly appreciate the programs high expectations. The program helped me get an understanding of what the work world is like and helped me get an idea of what career I want to pursue. Ideal Youth helped me prepare for future jobs and career opportunities.”

Emanuel G. 


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Two interns and Ideal Youth President honored at the Jewels of Pasadena Awards Banquet read more