Ms. Kardia Pinckney

PFS Investments Inc.

Mr. Elonzo M. Lee

2nd Vice-President
Mrs. Madlyn Richard
Bail Bonds of Pasadena

Mrs. Valerie T. Williams
First Quadrant 


Ms. Luna Petty

Uynque Financial 

Member At Large - Mr. Bryant Lyles 

Board of Directors 

Founded: 2009

Founders:  Ishmael Trone, Kardia Pinckney

Fast Fact: Began with 9 students and  currently train and place over 100 students each summer. 


Areas of expertise: 
Youth Workforce Development

Ideal Youth is committed to developing rigorous programs that have a significant impact on student career or vocational path skill development and most importantly their attitudes.   

​Through educational classroom curriculum and job internships, students will gain knowledge and skills to compete in a vastly changing economy. 
 Our Mission - "Creating Successful Leaders in Business and Life"
Ideal Youth Incorporated, is a non profit 501 (c) 3 Pasadena based organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through interactive, hands-on advanced job training and career exploration.

Our purpose is to create dynamic entrepreneurs, workers, thinkers and leaders through hands on training to youth, who have graduated from or currently active within an existing youth programs and are transitioning into the modern work force. Our program will help steer young adults towards meaningful careers and gain valuable work experience to transition them into the permanent workforce. 

What We’re Doing

Our Program 

Organization Profile

Honorary Board Members

Co - Founder
Mr. Ishmael Trone
F&M Business Center

Mrs. Darlene Davenport
Ret. Pasadena Unified School 

Mrs. Lola Osborne

City of Pasadena 

Mrs. Sheryl Orange
Ret Pasadena Unified School 

Attorney Wilberta Richardson

City of Los Angeles 

Mr. Michael Ross 

Pasadena Center Operating Company 

Mrs. Michelle Richardson Bailey

Pasadena Unified School